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Senior High Academics

All academics at Harvest Preparatory School are focused on preparing students to be lifelong learners and are college preparatory in nature.  Academics are rigorous and comprehensive, requiring students to work in a disciplined and structured manner.  Grades are linked to completion of homework assignments and coursework that challenge students to demonstrate a mastery of course objectives.  The student is responsible for their level of achievement.  The student, with parental guidance, is fully responsible for completion of all assigned academic challenges associated with the enrolled courses.  The faculty is responsible for planning, presenting, and evaluating the student’s progress and assigning appropriate grades based on the student’s performance.

HPS Graduation Requirements:

Students must successfully earn at least 26 academic credits designated for grades 9-12 in order to meet HPS graduation requirements.  In addition, the student must pass all prescribed Ohio Graduation Tests (OGTs) as mandated by Ohio law to earn a diploma.  Credits earned must meet the following requirements:

Bible: 4 credits (1 credit for each year of HPS attendance)
English: 4 credits
Mathematics: 4 credits
Science: 3 credits (must include one each Biology/Physical Science)
Social Studies: 3 credits (1/2 US Gov and ½ Econ and US History)
Health: ½ credit
Phys Ed: ½ credit
Electives: 7 credits (Fine Arts, Business, Foreign Language, etc)

Online Learning:

HPS offers access to expanded curriculum through online learning opportunities.  Advance Placement (AP) are offered through SevenStar Learning and general curriculum courses are offered through EdOptions Academy.  All of these courses are accredited curriculum and approved for graduation.  Additionally, EdOptions Academy provides students an online option for credit recovery to makeup credits that may have been previously failed.  Coordination with the guidance counselor and administration is needed to further understand the opportunities available with online learning.

Student Enrollment Policy

Harvest Preparatory School recruits and admits students of any race, color or ethic origin to all its rights, privileges, programs and activities. In addition, the school will not discriminate on the basis of race, color or ethnic origin in the administration of its educational, athletic, or extracurricular programs. Furthermore, the school is not intended to be an alternative to court-ordered, administrative agency-ordered, or public school district-initiated programs.”
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